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My Dear Mr. Engineer,

I have been slow in answering your letter of the 25th August, but owing to the state of my health after my serious illness in Delhi I have been able to attend only to current correspondence. In response to this letter, I have much pleasure in bearing witness to the ability and energy with which you have dealt with the clearing for The Times of India for the past ten years. This is a matter which appertains more to the business than the editorial side of the office, but I know how highly the business side appreciate your character and. abilities, Moreover, I have had personal experience of your work when you shipped all my furniture to London two years ago. That work was admirably and. economically done,and. I much appreciate the manner in which you handled it. More- over, I have had constant evidence of your courtesy and your anxiety to oblige in every sense of the term. It is a great pleasure to me to place these facts on record, in some slight appreciation of your valuable services. I shall always be glad  to hear from you, and hope that I shall always..hear that you are prospering, lf at any time, I can be of any service to you, I shall be glad to render it, ln some slight acknowledgment of your efficient work for the firm, and,  your equally efficient and most cordial work for me  personally.

Yours very sincerely.

Stanley Reed
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